How to Stop Foreclosure in CA

how to stop foreclosure in CAWhether you’ve lost your job, been hit with an illness or accident, or just wish you’d made better financial decisions, it’s not too late to make amends. You can stop foreclosure in CA — one of the most expensive residential areas in the world — with our help.

In thirteen years of real-estate, I’ve met incredible people hit by hardship. You’re not alone when it comes stopping foreclosure in CA. While banks are in the business of collecting, we’re in the business of creating opportunity.

These are your options on how to stop foreclosure in CA.

Option 1: Negotiate with the foreclosing lender & pay back what you owe.

If you’re only four months behind on mortgage payments — and your financial challenges are only temporary, you may be able to catch up on payments.

  1. Find out how much you owe. Contact your lender for a payoff statement. Know how much you’ve paid off, and know your balance — not just the balance for those overdue months, but the balance to pay off your home.
  2. Create a game plan to pay it back. Can you pick up a side job or sell any assets? Do you have friends or family that can provide a personal loan? If you can write a timeline that shows how you’ll pay the lender back in the near future, you have a chance to buy yourself more time to catch up and avoid foreclosure in CA.
  3. Request a forbearance. If your financial situation is temporary, you can typically request an extra 90 days from the lender— as long as it is before the foreclosure sale date.

How to Stop Foreclosure in California | Learn the most effective ways to keep from getting foreclosed on | www.fasthomecashoffers.comBe prepared to pay the principal, interest, late fees and any unknown costs that you currently owe.

Again, if you can cover the costs because of temporary financial hardship, these ninety days buy you time to organize a loan modification — to re-negotiate the terms of your loan.

Option 2: Sell your home quickly for cash.

The reality is that either you’re going to pay the bank all of the costs — or they’re going to take your home, sell your home, and ruin your credit.

However, you can sell your home before the bank takes it, to sell it themselves. Our company specializes in these types of crisis.

We can buy your home in cash from you, before the bank has a chance to sell it without you.


How does it work?

  1. We’ll do a quick phone call to learn more about your situation. 323-853-8200
  2. We’ll meet you and see the house. We buy houses in any condition — no need to fix it up, or spend money on repairs for a sale with us. No weeks of back and forth or uncertainty.
  3. We’ll provide a fair cash offer the same day.
  4. We’ll answer any questions you have to help you understand our offer.
  5. Collect your cash, and move on — without surprise fees, legal battles, or the impact of bad credit.

How to stop foreclosure in CA is as easy as finding someone to buy your home in cash before the bank does it for you. Call us today 323-853-8200 or fill out the form below. We can help!

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